Terms and Conditions

Thank you for considering a purchase of one of our wonderfully designed and skillfully crafted Aggie Mom Rings!

Whether you’re considering our original Aggie Mom’s Ring, the “Classic”, our new “Aggie Spirit” or the “Loud and Proud,” we understand that you have high expectations for an item of this value . You should expect these rings to uphold their beauty and durability for decades. We feel the same way!

We, the partners in Relentless Design LLC, are the creators of these rings. We are custom jewelers with a combined experience of over 70 years in jewelry design and custom manufacturing. We use the same precision-cut, high quality diamonds and gemstones in our Aggie Mom Rings that we use in our custom engagement and wedding rings. We designed our Aggie Mom Rings to not only look and feel great on your finger, but to last through the years. When you pick up one of our rings, you will understand the work and pride that we put into creating each one of these rings.

Life still happens, and we want to assure you of Relentless Design’s warranty on our line of products. Defects or damage to a product that fall under our warranty will be repaired or replaced by Relentless Design LLC. Customers are responsible for shipping charges.

• Relentless Design LLC guarantees items purchased through relentlessdesign.com to be free of defects in materials and craftsmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Estimated delivery of rings from date of purchase is 1-3 weeks depending on customization and availability of materials.

• Our Aggie Mom’s Rings are each uniquely produced after you place your order. Orders are non-returnable, and non-refundable after production begins.

• Relentless Design LLC warranty covers the condition of stones at the point of delivery only. Our stones are set using microscopes and are quality checked before shipment. Please inspect your ring upon receipt and inform Relentless Design LLC immediately if you have concerns about the settings or stone quality.

• Relentless Design LLC does not warranty abuse, normal wear, or any damage caused by incorrect usage of the ring.

• Relentless Design LLC will solely determine if any damage is caused by a defect in materials or craftsmanship and falls under warranty. If Relentless Design LLC determines the problem to be a defect in materials or craftsmanship, we will repair or replace your ring at no charge and cover shipping charges. Any requested repairs not covered by warranty will be billed as necessary or returned to the owner.

• Relentless Design LLC recommends that every customer obtain insurance for their item(s) through a reputable insurance company with coverage that also includes, among other things “mysterious loss”, “while in possession of another” and “damage” to include breakage.

• Purchases made ten days or less before an advertised sale with discounted pricing may receive an in-store credit of the price difference if requested by email during the sale period only.

• Any work preformed on Relentless Design LLC products outside of our shop voids our warranty. 

• Please use our Contact Us page if you have a concern about your product that you believe may fall under warranty, and we will send you a return number.