Core Values


We believe that telling the truth is the only right thing to do. The values reflected in the Aggie Code of Honor are at the heart of how we communicate with you, our staff, and our vendors. We strive to be scrupulously honest, good news or bad, and maintain responsibility in every step of our process. We do not begin or recommend work unless we truly believe it is in your best interest. If we make a mistake – we admit it. If we get it wrong – we correct it. If we change a policy or price – we explain it.


The work done in our shop has value and integrity. We have spent a combined 70 years learning our trade and continue to invest in ourselves and our craft by striving to improve our skills. We prioritize staying informed and up to date with the latest techniques so that we can provide you with accurate information. We learn from each experience with each customer so that we can provide an even better service and product moving forward. Every step of the process – from the design and sourcing, the creation, and the delivery of your jewelry – is important to us because it is important to you.


The only way to ensure that our customers receive the great product they expect is to start with quality components and materials. We hold our vendors to very high standards with product specifications that are arduous to pass.

The standard that we hold ourselves to is even higher. We take pride in our work and with our customer’s satisfaction. A superior piece of jewelry stands on its own merit, but it is enhanced by the joy and pride of its wearer.


We intend to build a lasting relationship with our customers by investing in our community, in gratitude for their ongoing support of us and our business. We partner with local businesses wherever we can, and we support events and projects that positively impact our community and livelihood.  

This statement is a visible commitment to who we want to be, with every customer, every day. We ask that you – our customers –help us achieve and maintain these standards with your feedback and support.

Thank you,

Relentless Design LLC

Mark Futch
Brett Edmondson